This website is currently running in a Raspberry Pi Zero W Server.


Purpose of the project? the idea is to evaluate the capacity and performance for such small hardware such as RPi Zero W to run a real webserver under the Tor network.

What is RPi Zero W? Raspberry Pi produces a variety of products related to small computers. The model Zero W has a 1 GHz Single Core 32 bits CPU, 512 MB of RAM, WIFI N, and more. For this project was used a MicroSD of 32GB. Read more [Here]

Why is this project relevant? The idea of having a website running on the free internet or under the Tor network has the common issue of having a 24/7 computer connected offering the service, and it impacts energy costs. One computer ("server") over one year consumes around $200 in energy, while an RPi Zero W only consumes from $1 to $2 in energy.

Operating System and Services used: For this project was installed Raspberry Pi OS 32 bits, web server NGINX with support to PHP, and Tor Network.

How about the location? The chosen location, attached with adhesive velcro to the back of the fiber optic modem, ensures optimum WIFI strength, provides great packaging and power source. Note that this small tool can be used as a very strong spy weapon.

Test for your self:
Test the performance for Download: Zip File with Pictures (15MB)
Test the performance for Pictures: 50 Pictures Gallery

Keep in mind that the Tor network is very slow by itself because of the way it is designed. In the local network, the download speed reaches 40 mbps and the gallery navigation is virtually real-time.

Speed test: 6 multiple downloads of big a big file over the local network. 30~40 mbps total speed. But the same teste over Tor the total speed was 2~5 mbps.

Stress test: under local network 10 scripts running in parallel requesting and downloading binary files from the server in looping, while the navigation performance was evaluated. The performance was slightly affected and the navigation could be done normally even under 1400 files downloaded per minute, CPU usage around 80%, and network usage of 40mbps. Under Tor network with 6 multiple downloads the navigation still possible but very slow. The multiple layers of encryption made the CPU work under 90~100% usage almost all the time.

Outcomes of the project: Even the RPi Zero W is powerful enough to host many websites and receive multiple requests at the same time. The total speed of download and upload is mostly defined by the Tor network.

This site is available over Tor Network at:


This site is available over Free Internet at:


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